C. Paige Hinkson

Professional Focus:  Leadership development; one-on-one coaching; aligning organizational strategy and individual performance goals; market opportunity planning.PH Headshot

Paige joined Next Level Performance Group in 2012 as an Associate Trainer and Coach. Her work focuses on an array of organizational effectiveness areas. She delivers coaching and learning experiences that drive business results by integrating sound theory with practical experience and business expertise. Paige believes in the vitality of conducting a thoughtful needs-assessment prior to beginning a client engagement. Doing so allows her to design and deliver development experiences that synthesize a company’s strategic objectives with leader’s skill strengths and gaps.

Paige has over 20 years of experience as a business leader, management consultant, executive coach, instructional designer and instructor of experiential learning. She ran the education business for The Leadership Group – a The Results-Based Leadership Organization – and was a Senior Partner at Executive Perspectives.  In addition to her consulting and education work, Paige also worked as Vice President and General Manager of Markdown Optimization Solutions for Technology Strategies, Inc. and was a financial analyst with Wyatt Asset Services. She has been a coach as well as a learning content designer for EverBank, The New York Times, The Nature Conservancy, LifeTech, Pfizer, Genzyme, National Life, PwC, and Verizon. Equally, Paige has been a coach for executive and traditional MBA programs at various business schools.  She is also a member of the Global Consulting Network.

Paige graduated Cum Laude with a double major in Political Science and Hispanic Studies from Vassar College.  She went on to earn a Certificado de Negocios (Spanish equivalent of an MBA) from Sevilla, Spain.

Paige has earned the nickname, “The Velvet Hammer,” for her ability to help the most challenging executives hear difficult, adjustive feedback and still have them leave with a smile on their faces. Paige is fluent in Spanish and dedicates a portion of her work time to helping women-owned businesses in developing countries succeed.

Paige lives in Stowe, VT with her husband, Craig, 12-year old daughter, Emma, and her two Boxers, Julia and Pepe.  Paige moved to Stowe from Boston 15 years ago so she could snowboard, cross-country ski, hike, bike, and enjoy the outdoors.  She and her family are avid adventure travelers.  

Ask her about her recent climb of Mount Kilimanjaro!