Activity-Simulation Maze Rental

Next Level rents two popular business simulations

The Organizational Maze (also known as The Electric Carpet, EM3)

The Maze is one of the few business simulations that offers the rare blend of:

  • Getting all participants deeply involved in the activity and the learning from it.
  • Addressing team, leadership and organizational dynamics that parallel the real world.
  • Inviting trainers’ creativity and facilitation expertise.
  • Rich after-action-reviews because the applications to business objectives, processes and personal development are clear.
  • Easy to set-up and implement.

Time-frame to complete: 2 to 4 hours—depending on the group’s desired learning outcomes.

Rental fee: $675 per 7 business day rental plus FedEx Express Delivery. Day 1 begins the day the simulation is shipped from our office.  Day 7 is the day the simulation returns to our office. $95 for each additional day beyond Day 7.  You can use your FedEx account number if you prefer.

Here is an illustration of how the shipping and rental time could look: Let’s imagine you want to rent the organizational maze for one day on Thursday, June 8.

  • We will ship it on Monday, June 5 to you at a location you specify in the continental U.S.[1] FedEx 2-day Air.
  • The maze will arrive at your location on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 7. You have time to set-up the activity prior to using the activity with participants on Thursday.
  • When you are finished with the activity you will carefully repackage the materials per the included directions. As facilitators ourselves, we understand that it can be difficult to pack the activity at the end of the day prior to the FedEx cut-off time at the hotel or conference center. So, take your time packing the activity and ship it either on Thursday afternoon or on Friday, June 9, FedEx 2-day Air for arrival at our office on Tuesday, June 13.
  • Total number of days = 7 business days.
    • More User-Days Option: In the example above, you could elect to have us ship the maze to you FedEx Priority overnight. The maze will arrive at your location Tuesday, June 6. Doing this effectively allows you to use the simulation for more days. You use the maze Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and return ship FedEx priority overnight on Friday for it to arrive at our office no later than Tuesday, June 13. Total number of days = 7 business days.
    • Please note: selecting a faster shipping option is more expensive.

Please note: The activity rental does NOT include train-the-trainer information. If you are new to facilitating the Organizational Maze and would like to rent the simulation and learn how to use it as part of your training, please contact us. We can customize an Athens train-the-trainer for you and your colleagues.

Please email or call our office 719.636.3600 to check availability.

[1] Some remote locations (especially remote executive retreat centers) may have limited FedEx delivery options.  Please call us and we can advise you.