What Do We Do?
Clients regularly ask us to support them in these areas:

  • Leadership Development programs and processes
  • New Leader/New Team Integration
  • Execution Academy
  • Facilitation of Strategic Planning Sessions
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching
  • In-Tact/Cross Functional Team Development
  • Key Talent Leadership Development (a.k.a. high potentials)
  • Preparing Leaders for their Next Level Leadership Role
  • Strategic Thinking and Implementation Skills for Director-level Leaders
  • Moderating Townhall Meetings

How Do We Work?
You have some choices.

  • You can request one of our time-tested, off-the-shelf programs
  • You can work with us to custom design a process to fit your particular needs

In either case, you will receive consultative support that honors your experience and requests while respectfully nudging your thinking when appropriate. Our clients typically ask us to help them stand apart from the crowd — not join it.

Similar to the practices of the best coaches and leaders, our philosophy is that performance development comes from a healthy blend of affirming and challenging assumptions.

Professional Fees
Since most of our programs are custom designed, it is difficult to provide exact fees without first knowing what you want to achieve. However, in most cases, we are able to provide you with an estimated professional fee following an initial conversation with you. You can use the following roles and corresponding fees as a general guideline:

  • Partners: Please ask us
  • Senior Trainers and Coaches: $4,800 per client-contact day
  • Hourly professional fee: $450 per hour

Whether you hire us for in-person training or one-to-one coaching, all our engagements begin with one non-compensated hour of discovery time for us to learn what you want to achieve and whether we are a good fit for one another.

When Can We Support You?
It depends on four variables:

  • Your timing preferences
  • Initial discovery
  • Project design
  • Our staff availability

We can deliver programs within two months from your first contact with us. More advance notice, of course, is appreciated. Most of our clients provide us with three months notice.

Where Do We Deliver Our Work?
We deliver programs throughout the United States and around the world. Our clients choose either to bring us to them, or they travel to one of our established learning centers located in various states. Certain program modules and simulations require that we use specific sites in order to provide unique learning experiences.