▾ Leadership Check-Up™

A shorter alternative to a long-term 1:1 coaching engagement

Targeted Outcomes:

  • The coachee/client receives written and dialogue feedback on seven behavioral and quantitative indicators of leadership health.  Following the in-person Check-Up, Next Level provides the coachee with suggestions for how to leverage identified strengths and close any leadership gaps.

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Leadership Check-Up™ occurred at an ideal
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Time Required:

  • 2-3 in-person days, and four phone conversations.


  • Many of us can recall times in our lives when we elected to get a physical check-up despite feeling fine and having no adverse symptoms. During and following most check-ups, we receive data-based information that provide us with a snap-shot of our overall health. Blood panels assess cholesterol, iron and white blood cells; an EKG provides critical data on the heart’s overall health. This information—combined with consultation from a qualified professional—can affirm our healthy habits, detect early potential trouble and provide clear suggestions for staying (or getting) healthy.
  • Why should affirming one’s leadership health be any different?
  • The Leadership Check-Up is a highly efficient, one-to-one service that provides the developmentally minded leader with an assessment of current practices and suggested action-steps. This service provides an alternative for leaders who want to work with an objective, experienced external coach but who don’t have the time or inclination to participate in a multi-month 1:1 coaching engagement. Over the past 20 years, we have pinpointed seven leadership actions that can provide a reliable snap-shot of a leader’s overall health: five are observable, two are interpretative.  The seven leadership actions were selected because they represent a blend of various focus points: up and down within the reporting structure; internal and external to the organization; people and business acumen.

The Leadership Dimensions Assessed:

  • Please contact us to learn about each of the seven leadership indicators we assess. Here are two indicators to whet the appetite:
    • Observe the leader deliver substantive 1:1 coaching to
      a direct report.
    • Observe the leader deliver a business review to their
      boss or pitch a recommendation to their boss.

This service is most relevant for:

  • Director-level and higher leaders (people who lead one or
    more levels of managers).
  • Leaders who do not receive the substantial and objective
    performance-based feedback on their leadership effectiveness that they would like.
  • Leaders who would like to receive actionable and confidential information on their leadership effectiveness in a short time frame.
  • Any leader who is curious to know how they perform compared to peers in other industries.

Customizable to your specific environment and outcomes:

  • Yes—and most clients find the value of this service is in selecting the off-the-shelf version

Preparation for participants prior to and following the program:

  • Minimal.  Some scheduling of observable events is

Estimated professional fees:

  • $18,500
  • $21,500 if a current 360° multi-responder feedback instrument is necessary and if the client elects to customize the leadership indicators assessed.

Next Level Staff appropriate for this program:

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coaches,
    Senior Trainers, Partners