▾ 1:1 Leadership Coaching

Targeted Outcomes:

  • Specific outcomes are determined by the coachee/client.   The continuum below is a helpful launching place for a conversation. Some of our clients want a coach to simply act as a confidential sounding board or to discuss topics that naturally arise over the course of the engagement. Other clients tell us the specific behavioral or competency outcomes they want to deepen, develop or improve.  We accommodate both approaches.

Coach acts more as a
sounding board and topics emerge organically over the course of the
  Coach and coachee work together to move the needle on 2-3 identified leadership competencies
  • Here are some examples of outcomes from previous 1:1 leadership coaching engagements:
    • Think strategically; listen more effectively; Clearly communicate complex information
    • Be more directive; be more inclusive


  • The phrases Leadership Coaching and Executive Coaching are often used interchangeably. We use Leadership Coaching to denote an engagement where the coachee wants to develop one or more leadership competencies in a one-to-one setting. After the specifics of the particular engagement are established, our coaching engagements use a blend of phone calls, video calls and in-person meetings. When it is supported by the desired outcomes and the coachee’s appetite for learning, our coaches like to use real-world observable situations.       Our observation-based methodology is rare in the industry. Typically, our coaches will provide written feedback and feedforward following a 1:1 interaction.

Frequency of coaching:

  • We have a time-tested coaching flow that we can share.  For example, the number of coaching phone calls and/or in-person visits per quarter are determined by the desired outcomes and the coachee’s availability.  Typically, we suggest one video phone call per month and two in-person meetings during the year.

This service is most relevant for:

  • Any leader new to a role looking to accelerate their success—and avoid inadvertently adopting bad habits.
  • Director-level and higher leaders who have recently learned about a strength that they want to leverage, or a gap that they want to close.
  • An experienced leader who sees that current market conditions require them to possess a leadership skill that they do not currently possess.

Customizable to your specific environment and outcomes:

  • Yes.

Preparation for participants prior to and following the coaching engagement:

  • Minimal.

Estimated professional fees:

  • Varies widely depending on your desired outcomes and frequency of coaching conversations.  A typical one year engagement is $28,000-$35,000.  Please ask us and we will send you a breakdown of the professional fees for one of our most frequently requested coaching engagements.

Next Level Staff appropriate for this program:

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coaches, Senior Trainers