Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching–often referred to as Executive Coaching–can be a powerful way for senior leaders to develop and affirm needed skills and mindsets.  (Ask us why we prefer to use the term Leadership Coaching instead of Executive Coaching.)

One-to-one Leadership Coaching, contrasted with a leadership development training program, has many advantages; here are two.

  1. Convenience. Depending on the leader’s desired outcomes, most leadership coaching engagements take place via video call or in-person at the work location of the client. Next Level coaches leverage real work situations that the leader is already facing.
  2. Reinforcement. Because Leadership Coaching engagements typically occur in small doses over several months, our clients tell us that the reinforcement over time contributes to their ability to truly adopt new leadership behaviors and perspectives.

Our clients tell us that these two components–coaching on the job together with reinforcement over time–results in a higher return on investment (ROI).

We urge prospective clients to ask tough questions to coaches they’re vetting–including Next Level.  At Next Level, we love when our prospective clients ask us tough questions in the spirit of learning whether we can deliver results. The way we frame a coaching engagement is as differentiating as the way we coach.  Ask us to send you a five question survey which will help you clarify and align what you want–and what you don’t.  You can use your findings whether you end up using one of our coaches or someone else.

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