We engaged Tom Ori and his NLP team to design and deliver our first leadership development program for high potential candidates. NLP effectively begins the design process with the end in mind – what specific competencies are we trying to improve and what does success look like in behavioral terms? The various learning activities were compelling and engaging, designed to reinforce learning objectives through applied learning.   Tom’s attention to detail is amazing. Every module was thoroughly reviewed to ensure learning outcomes were not only consistent with overall program objectives, but also reinforced messaging and learning points from earlier modules. The curriculum has a  strong emphasis on giving and receiving effective feedback, a skill which is sorely needed in our organization. NLP’s executive coaches are excellent! The program received very high marks from the participants. Many of the participants recently received promotions, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  The NLP-designed program presented excellent opportunities for our executive team to observe the participants’ leadership skills and potential in action.
Bob Jordan
Vice President of Human Resources
Pinnacle Agriculture
Next Level Performance, led by Tom Ori, is a high caliber leadership, coaching, training & development organization which goes above and beyond to tailor its professional development to the individual needs of the client. I have been working with Tom and his staff for over a decade on a variety of leadership, coaching and developmental programs, and his company has consistently delivered big results that have strengthened the competencies and confidence of the individual participants. One program of notable importance had the strategic objective of building the confidence of front line managers during high stakes coaching situations. Specifically, Tom & Next Level collaborated with me to identify what “great looks like” in coaching situations that my direct reports--District Sales Managers--face daily and then assisted with modeling the behaviors in front of the participants. The results were powerful because leaders saw and then practiced the coaching expectation.  My team left the program feeling empowered and highly capable to execute on point in a high stakes situation.  I would highly recommend Tom and Next Level Performance to any organization who is seeking to assemble a highly skilled coaching and leadership team.
Patrick Reid
Senior Regional Business Director
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
I have engaged Tom and Next Level Performance on several occasions over the past 15 years. In each instance, that investment of both personal and organizational time was returned several-fold in the form of pragmatic, genuine and focused recommendations and highly effective interventions.  If you're seeking a customized approach to driving change within your organization, Tom and his colleagues will serve you well through active listening, innovative methods and relentless follow-up to ensure the desired results are in fact achieved.        
Alan May
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Rarely do the lessons of external partners become as ingrained in the practices and culture of a business as much as I have seen ours influenced by Tom Ori and Next Level Performance. Next Level has taught and advised our new and tenured leaders about strategy, execution and coaching in ways that I now see reflected consistently in challenging situations that were at one time significant obstacles for our organization. Certainly, the purest form of impact is to hear your own words being used by another strong leader. Next Level's language is now very much a part of how our best lead their teams.
Greg Reilly
Regional Business Director
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals
I am the CEO of a medium-size, multi-national raw materials company. My company had been adversely affected by market conditions as well as internal difficulties. I hired Next Level Performance to help the executive leadership team and me in a solutions brainstorming and path-forward session. The purpose was to be able to identify a new business model that would speed up the turnaround of the company. The meeting kept its promise. We came out with clear and crisp new ideas and action items. Next Level methodology and engagement was a key success factor. The preparation for the meeting involved the facilitator conducting in-depth interviews and surveys, thus raising everyone's awareness and aligning the leadership team along the organization's priorities. The execution of the meeting was perfectly mastered, with good timing and sound exercises to help reveal the unconscious parts of our beliefs. I was very satisfied and, above all, convinced that this session with Next Level Performance had a big impact on my company's success.
International Industrial Materials and Chemical Company
Next Level Performance did what their name says: the customized Project Leadership Development program we did with them has taken our team to the next level. The NLP team was very involved and great to work in each phase of our training – from design, to implementation and follow up. There was a great balance of their multi-company and industry experience with the issues we faced and were trying to improve upon. Not only that, but the Nature Place was the perfect setting and atmosphere for our group. We worked hard, had fun and grew as individuals and a team thanks to NLP – very professional, personable and willing to call it the way it is. Having worked with Tom in the past, this was my expectation and as usual, he delivered. Highly recommend Next Level Performance to any team wanting to go to the next level.
Neil DeStefano
Director of Business and Product Development
FMC Corporation
I am a Pharmaceutical Executive and have worked with Tom and his teams over the past 17 years in many capacities. Tom was first instrumental in helping me build myself as a leader and assisting me understand where I needed to focus my efforts in expanding my strengths and more importantly, identifying my blind spots. He is an ardent supporter of continuing personal development and has shown me, as well as my teams over the years, how to excel even in cases where you believe you are already strong and have an advantage. I called on Tom to help build a fragmented team that was operating in different sections of the United States with different skills sets and overall underperforming to the organization’s changing expectations. He delivered several programs over 18 months that not only met the needs of the group by creating stronger leaders but also enabled them to lead their teams to over deliver sales goals. One of the unique qualities that Tom and the team bring to the table is the extreme preparation with interviews and conference calls to ensure that all participants are prepared and that NLP facilitators are ready to deliver on the expectations of the program specific to the skill set and experiences of the individuals. One final note on Tom; he has provided me the most candid professional feedback in the most meaningful way that I have ever received from any boss or manager in my 22 year career. That is invaluable. He has a gift with career coaching and is able to make participants look at themselves in a way that they have not before.
Name withheld because company does not permit leaders to publicly endorse vendor-partners
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company
Having worked with Tom and NLP for about a dozen years now, I have countless examples of why I continue to recommend NLP to any organization that might benefit from 1:1 executive coaching or organizational development activities. Some of the most honest and direct discussions I have been a part of have been facilitated by NLP. They have a unique way of blending extreme professionalism and competency with candor and results. I have seen our organization grow as a result of the exposure to NLP and as an HR professional I couldn’t ask for more.
Chris Cool
Vice President, Human Resources
Eramet Comilog, SA
As a newer sales leader in my organization, I know theLeadership Check-Up™ occurred at an ideal time with an ideal partner in Next Level Performance. Because the team at Next Level worked closely with me to target specific behaviors on which I wanted feedback, the personalized suggestions for moving forward were meaningful and relevant. My team was able to successfully provide insightful, open and honest feedback in a safe environment, thus maximizing each member’s contributions. I enthusiastically encourage leaders and their teams to engage with Next Level Performance for a dynamic and motivating experience!
Matt Martin
District Manager
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals