▾ Sales Team Development

Targeted Outcomes:

  • Sales professionals experience the power of sharing better practices;
  • Sales professionals experience how a little collective effort often returns 3x
  • Sales Manager reinforces his or her expectations on teaming practices;
  • The team addresses and solves a specific obstacle to increased results.

Number of Modules & Program Days:

  • Typically 1 stand alone module;
  • 1 day-2.5 days

Sales teams are different from other intact teams. Few individuals and teams are as rigorously measured and tracked as sales professionals. It’s no wonder; in most organizations sales professionals have the most frequent and visible contact with the customer. Sales teams have their unique challenges, too. Sometimes, the very characteristics that make a sales professional successful (e.g. competitive; determined; independent), can be the characteristics that hinder effective teaming. Whether you select the 1, 2 or 2.5 day program, participants will leave invigorated for how they contribute to the team’s identified goal. The program content uses a blend of team learning lab (a methodology using hands-on, business simulations to illustrate the best teaming practices), team assessment, and peer feedback. Most programs are anchored in a teaming model or behaviors that you prefer. We can recommend an anchoring model if you like.

This service is most relevant for:

  • Pharmaceutical district sales teams wanting to leverage winning practices
  • Pharmaceutical regional management teams
  • A group of sales professionals who come together for a long sales cycle
  • A sales team operating with excessive intra-competition
  • A sales team that has derailed
  • A newly formed team facing significant performance goals

Customizable to your specific outcomes:

  • Yes.

Preparation for participants prior to the program:

  • Helpful, but not necessary.

Estimated professional fees:

  • $4300 and up per trainer per client-contact day

Next Level Staff appropriate for this program:

  • Adjunct Faculty, Associate Trainer, Senior Trainer, Partner