“In the perfect world, the best among us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something else.”                   Lee Iacocca, U.S. business executive and author

Many of our clients ask us, “Can you train us to do some of the activities that the Next Level staff facilitates for our organizations?” The short answer is “yes.”


The Athens Train-the-Trainer™ process is designed for an organization’s in-house trainers, facilitators, consultants, and coaches who want to include experiential learning in their respective tool-kits.  Next Level Performance has been an innovator in the action-learning and organizational development fields for more than 25 years and we want to share our best practices with you.

We will train your qualified staff to deliver interactive activities that can be used in your leadership and team development trainings. For example, the popular and time-tested activity, the “Organization Maze,” is one of the business simulations we can train your trainers to lead and–perhaps more importantly–to lead an intentional and robust after-action-review discussion.

 rafael_tomoriThe School of Athens” by Rafael

The “School of Athens” fresco by Renaissance artist, Rafael, symbolizes the intention behind the Athens Train-the-Trainer™ process. At the height of the Greek influence on western civilization, the city of Athens was more than the seat of government; the city embodied the spirit of the time. Arts, athletics, commerce, government and philosophy made indelible impressions on the way people lived then–and on the way we think today. Great minds from all over the known world traveled to Athens to learn from and contribute to other great minds. Different languages, cultures, and traditions gave way to a common passion for learning.

During the train-the-trainer process, the Next Level trainers will create a similar environment for trainers to learn from each other.

 Time required:

  • Typically, 4 modules, each module 3 days, occurring over 9 months

This service is most relevant for:

  • Organizations with internal training and development professionals that want to provide their trainers with additional skills and tools.
  • Internal training departments that want to create more self-reliance among their training professionals and rely less on external training and development firms.

Customizable to your specific outcomes:

  • Yes.

Preparation for participants prior to and following the program:

  • Minimal.

Estimated professional fees:

  • $70,000 and up—depending on number of participants and number of activities you want your trainers to learn.
  • Variable depending on your trainers’ current skill level and what you want them to be at the conclusion of the train-the-trainer.

Next Level Staff appropriate for this program:

  • Trainers, Senior Trainers, Partners