▾ New Leader Integration

Targeted Outcomes:

  • A new people-leader (at any organizational level) learns from her or his direct reports any red flag, yellow flag and green flag actions associated with their leadership effectiveness and style.
  • The leader is provided with suggestions for emphasizing strengths and—if necessary—making any course corrections.

 Number of Days & Time Required:

  • 45-minute one-to-one interviews with each of the leader’s direct report.
  • 3.5 hour in person session with leader and direct reports to discuss learnings from interviews.
  • 90-minute one-to-one coaching with client following the in-person team session.


The New Leader Integration serves as an early detection system to provide the new leader with perspectives from their direct reports on what the leader is doing well and what they could adjust. It is designed as a 180° survey of only direct reports–a simpler and less time-consuming alternative to other coaching services we offer which often involve a year long engagement and the use of 360° surveys.

Approximately, four months after starting in the new role, the leader hosts a launch call with all direct reports and the Next Level coach to set outcomes.Then, the coach conducts one-to-one interviews with each direct report asking 8-10 questions on the leader’s effectiveness and style. The interview results are compiled, protecting anonymity, and shared with the entire team during an in-person session approximately one month later.

To learn more about our approach to New Leader Integration, please read this short blog on our website: New Leader Integration Blog

 This Service is Most Relevant For:

  • A people-leader who is within the first nine months of their role.
  • A New Leader Integration can be useful to a leader at any organizational level.  Clients have told us that the service is particularly valuable for leaders at the Director (second-level leader) level and vice president level because the expectations to make a positive impact are high and the tolerance for early missteps is low.

Customizable to your specific outcomes:

  • This is typically an off-the-shelf service. We encourage clients to customize some questions on the direct-report survey in order for the leader to learn perspectives that are most important to them.

Preparation for participants prior to the program:

  • None

 Estimated professional fees:

  • $13,000-$15,000

 Next Level staff appropriate for this program:  

  • Senior Trainers
  • Partners