Leaders–will you get a checkup this year?

Checkups can mean fewer Fix-ups

No, not a physical check-up; although going to a physician and getting an annual physical is always a good idea. We’re talking about a Leadership Checkup™.

My colleagues and I at Next Level recently launched a new coaching service that takes 2-3 days, provides the leader with rich, behavior-based, objective feedback and feedforward. If a leader doesn’t have the time or appetite for a year-long executive coaching engagement, this service can provide a snapshot alternative. If you’re curious, read on, or go to our website nextlevelperformance.com or contact me directly.

Would you prefer to know or not know?

The research is overwhelming: healthy women and men get yearly physicals and dental cleanings. Yes, by getting regular checkups we may learn something sobering—high blood pressure or a cavity. It’s also true that we can learn something affirming—healthy A1C levels and strong normal “good” cholesterol levels, or that religious flossing habit has resulted in healthy gums . Knowledge about our physical health—whether good news or not-so-good news—can be empowering. Knowing is the first step to acting. Embarrassingly, I avoided the dentist for nearly a decade in my mid-20s and paid the price; partly because I thought I was invincible and, paradoxically, partly because I was afraid of what they’d find.  At 35, when I eventually mustered the courage to go to the dentist, I had to be knocked-out–literally.  A tough–and costly–lesson to learn.

Knowledge about our leadership health is equally valuable.

Affirming as Powerful as Adjusting

Leaders receive an objective, candid snapshot of their current leadership practices on 7 core leadership competencies. We observe and assess current reality and make suggestions to increase effectiveness—beyond the generic “eat-more-fruits-and-veggies” type of action plan. The report and live coaching session provide the leader with both affirmative and adjustive suggestions. Our clients tell us that learning how to deepen strengths is as valuable to their performance as adjusting or closing gaps.

As you may have experienced in your careers, making small, timely adjustments is far easier than the prospect of overcoming a host of unhealthy leadership habits.

 Key Attributes of the Next Level Leadership Checkup™

  • Feedback and Feedforward on 7 Core Leadership Competencies
    • Snapshot assessment on the 7 leadership competencies that separate average leaders from great leaders.
    • Leadership competencies are assessed along a continuum of highly effective; effective; slightly effective; and needs improvement.
    • Leaders receive specific suggestions for deepening strengths and correcting gaps.
  • Flexibility
    • Leaders have the option of switching out 2 of the NLP 7 core competencies with competencies they would prefer assessed or are specific to their respective organization.
  • Minimum Time Investment
    • 2-3 consecutive on-site days followed by a comprehensive report and 1:1 video call.
  • Confidence
    • The Checkup results will give leaders confidence that their current practices–or practices to be learned–are sound.
  • Confidentiality
    • Leaders determine with whom they want to share the results.

Who do leaders trust to tell them the truth about their leadership?

Some leaders have a trusted advisor or HR business partner who levels with them.  Many leaders aren’t as fortunate.  Highly valuable initiatives such as multi-responder feedback (e.g. 360 degree surveys) and new leader integration processes are only as effective as participants willingness to be candid.  Often, leaders receive misguided feedback because the person giving the feedback has an ax to grind or, on the other side of the coin, wants to ingratiate themselves to the leader.   Next Level coaches level with our client leaders.

What’s the expression?  “An ounce of prevention…”  And unlike a physical checkup, we promise no needles!


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