Being a Great Coach Process

Targeted Outcomes:

  • Clarify and reinforce your organization’s articulated coaching competencies.
  • Or, if your organization does not currently have a short list of coaching competencies, we can help you identify coaching competencies which support your desired business environment.
  • Participants practice the coaching competencies in a safe environment and receive feedback on their abilities
  • Transform coaching competencies from the abstract to the practical.

Number of Modules & Program Days:

  • Prior to any training, we need to understand your organization’s current—and desired—coaching culture and how/if you want leaders to pull-through coaching practices daily.
  • Specific delivery flow will depend on a number of variables.
  • Typically, for organizations with 6-7 coaching competencies, we recommend three phases, two days per phase, each phase separated by 9-10 months.


What are your organization’s coaching competencies?  How effectively are they being demonstrated by all levels of leaders?  How are the coaching competencies linked to a leader’s performance and promotion?  How are your leaders trained and supported to demonstrate the coaching competences at the best level?  If your organization does not currently have a set of anchored coaching competencies, or if you have them and, truthfully, the competencies are demonstrated inconsistently, you’re in good company—many organizations don’t have sound training and pull-through systems to support a key aspect of leadership: being a great coach.

We start by conducting a significant amount of Discovery.  We need to learn how you define great coaching and, more importantly, what it looks and sounds like when demonstrated by your leaders in particular situations.  From this, we identify a short list of coaching competencies that you want to see all people-leaders master.  An example of a behavior-based coaching competency is “Actively showing the coachee what great looks like.”

Then, we design training modules and pull-through systems around those coaching competencies using a variety of interactive learning tools.  Our creative use of video is always a big hit with participants.

This service is most relevant for:

  • Organizations that want to increase the daily and purposeful coaching performance of their leaders.
  • Organizations that want to provide their leaders with a clear set of behaviors to guide them during coaching conversations.
  • Front line supervisors to senior level leaders.

Customizable to your specific outcomes:

  • Yes.  And we need you to tell us your desired level of participant application of the competencies.

Preparation for participants prior to and following the program:

  • Yes.

Estimated professional fees:

  • $20,000-$24,000 for a group of 14 leaders for two days.  This includes two staff during delivery.

Next Level Staff appropriate for this program:

  • Trainers, Senior Trainers, Partners