Next Level Leaders Program

An accelerated version of our longer Key Talent Leaders Process

Targeted Outcomes:

  • People who are on the cusp of being promoted to the next level of leadership develop the skills necessary to succeed at that next level.
  • Address head-on the notion that “what got you here is unlikely to get you there.
    • Translation: “The skills and attitudes that have contributed to your success thus far are unlikely to be the only ones contributing to your success moving forward.”
  • The specific leadership skills can vary.  You tell us the leadership skill you would like the next level leaders to learn and we design a robust experience to convey that skill.  Some examples from previous clients are:
    • Authentic leadership; announcing organizational change; inspecting what you expect; etc.

Number of Program Days:

  • Typically, one module, 4 days
  • With 1:1 remote coaching occurring before and after the in-person training
  • Varies depending on level of leaders you want to develop


This program is an effective option for organizations that want to invest in their high potential level leaders and do not have the time required for the long-term and intensive Key Talent Leaders Process.  Managers gain the leadership skills necessary to be effective leaders before they receive the promotion.  First tier managers, for example, can jumpstart the leadership skill and business acumen necessary to be effective Directors before they become Directors.

We have experienced the usual promotion process: the stand-out sales Manager is promoted to Director due to their successful sales and coaching abilities—with the assumption that they will ‘grow into’ or learn the leadership skills required to be a successful Director.  Sometimes this method can work; frequently it does not.

The Next Level Leaders Program provides you with a replicable method for increasing the probability that leaders are more effective more quickly in their newly appointed roles—whether they are first tier managers or VPs.  The specific content can be customized to the specific leadership skills of the particular level of leader.

This service is most relevant for:

  • Organizations that would like to demonstrate their investment in a select group of high potential leaders with a targeted, skill-focused 2 day program.
  • Individuals who have been identified as future leaders in the organization and in whom the organization would like to instill a new leadership skill or competency.

Customizable to your specific outcomes:

  • Yes.  And we need you to tell us how transformative you want the training experience to be.

Preparation for participants prior to and following the program:

  • Yes.

Estimated professional fees:

  • $60-80,000—depending on number of participants and emphasis on 1:1 coaching desired.

Next Level Staff appropriate for this program:

  • Trainers, Senior Trainers, Partners