Practicing the Leadership Challenge Program

a.k.a Kouzes and Posner’s Five Behaviors

Targeted Outcomes:

  • Leaders will demonstrate the capabilities of extraordinary leadership (results + methods)
  • Leaders and their direct reports will experience the benefits of practicing the Kouzes and Posner leadership model
  • Leaders will receive specific affirmative and adjustive feedback on their leadership style via 360 feedback

Number of Modules & Program Days:

  • One half-day launch meeting; four modules; each module consists of two delivery days; each module delivered once per quarter; nine client-contact days; one-to-one coaching between Next Level trainers and participant leaders during the time in-between modules.

What separates extraordinary leadership from average leadership? Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner wrote a seminal book based on their extensive research on the practices of extraordinary leaders: The Leadership Challenge. The result is five leadership practices: 1) Inspiring a Shared Vision; 2) Enabling Others to Act; 3) Challenging the Process; 4) Modeling the Way; 5) Encouraging the Heart.

Following an initial in-person launch meeting, our trainers lead participants through four modules over the course of one year. Participants and their direct reports complete the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI 360 feedback) prior to Module I in order to establish a baseline for leadership effectiveness. Subsequently, each module emphasizes one of the five leadership practices, with the third module covering two leadership practices. Two months following the fourth module participants complete the LPI 360 a second time to track progress quantitatively.

This service is most relevant for:

  • Director-level leaders and above
  • Leaders looking to ground their leadership using a proven and highly intuitive model
  • Leaders interested in a practical, application-based training
  • Organizations that want to make a commitment to the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Model; this program is designed to place a premium on action learning projects that take place in between the modules

Customizable to your specific outcomes:

  • Yes.

Preparation for participants prior to, during the interim and following the program:

  • Yes

Estimated professional fees:

    • $82,000 – $95,000

Next Level Staff appropriate for this program:

  • Senior Trainers, Partners