The Coaches Lab™

Targeted Outcomes:

  • First-level and Director-level leaders coaching their direct reports effectively and confidently

Number of Modules & Program Days per Track:

  • One in-person training day to launch the 3 month process
  • Three, 90-minute phone calls per coachee (one video call per month)
    • The coaching lab video calls consist of the coachee, the coachee’s current/future manager and the Next Level coach

Number of Participants per Track:

  • 1-20. Although, this service is best received in an organization when delivered to cohorts of 12 participants


The strength of this developmental service is based on three best practices:
  1. the coachee’s manager is an integral part present on each of the coaching situations (see diagram below).
  2. the coaching skills are developed through the use of real, challenging, and frequent situations that the coachee faces, or will face in a future role.
  3. the phone calls are a blend of highly interactive practice situation (in which the coachee’s manager plays the part of a direct report of the coachee) and an after-action-review of the situation.

This service is most relevant for:

  • Emerging leader individual-contributors who are in the candidate pool for promotion to their first people-leadership role
  • New first-level people leaders
  • Experienced people-leaders who are new to your organization and who you want to ensure know how to coach using your organization’s coaching framework

Customizable to your specific environment and outcomes:

  • Yes.  This service requires that you and Next Level co-design the coaching situations using real and frequent work situations from your organization. We also need to ensure that the after-action-reviews reinforce your organization’s existing leadership principles.

Preparation for participants prior to and following the program:

  • Substantial preparation and follow-through from both the participant and their direct manager.

Estimated professional fees:

  • $6,600-$8,000 per coachee-participant for a cohort of 12.
    • Approximately $5,600 of the professional fees is a one-time design cost for a particular level of client-leader.  This time is used to research and build the three specific and relevant coaching situations that we will leverage as role-plays during the phone coaching sessions.  Once these situations are designed, they can be used repeatedly for the same level of leader in your organization.  If your organization already has the role-play ready situations we will gladly use them and not use unnecessary design time.

Next Level Staff appropriate for this program:

  • ICF Certified Coaches, Senior Trainers
    • Our senior trainers who train and/or coach on the practice of leadership have held successful people-leadership roles themselves.